Trans-Atlantic Centre: Private Sector Collaborates for Development in Kogi State, Nigeria

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Ify Onyekwere

Development plays a vital role in developing countries as it boosts trade, creates jobs, and improves the living level among members of society. As countries develop, it gives room for international companies to come in with trade deals.

In line with development in the Kogi state of Nigeria, Mr. Mohammed Bougei  Attah of the Trans-Atlantic Centre has expressed his effort in supporting the Kogi state government towards development.

The pioneer of the project centered on Research, entertainment, and relaxation, Mr. Attah, indicated that visible efforts should back support for government initiatives. He noted that the Trans-Atlantic project aims to expose the community to foreign direct investment, encourage actual tourism development, and make the central a true transit haven for visitors.

In this light, the office of the Senior Special Adviser SSA, to the Executive Governor of Kogi state on Entertainment and New Media, endorsed the Trans-Atlantic Project by giving promotions to the development idea.

Meanwhile, programs planned for groundbreaking value investment are the first Kogi Central All Artistes and Entertainment Summit and the Tourism, Arts and Craft Expo 2023, which intends to build capacity for significant stakeholders in the entertainment and tourism industries, as well as provide certification for participants.


Some indigenous artists performing

While the Trans-Atlantic Centre, as a private sector, aims to support the government\’s effort in grassroots development, one of its agendas is to pave the way for developing local and foreign businesses in Nigeria.

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