A Historic Appointment: Adepoju Takes the Helm as Acting Immigration CG

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In a landmark move that has sent ripples of optimism throughout the nation, the Federal Government of Nigeria, appointed Mrs. Adepoju as the new Acting Comptroller-General (CG) of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). This pivotal decision marks a significant milestone in the annals of the NIS and the nation as a whole. Adepoju’s appointment comes in the wake of Isah Jere’s tenure expiration on May 29, leaving a vacancy that has long been awaited by the Yoruba people.

The significance of this appointment cannot be overstated. The Yoruba community, a prominent ethnic group in Nigeria, has eagerly awaited representation at the helm of the NIS since its inception. Segun Adesemoye, the President of the Yoruba Heritage Group, expressed elation at this historic turn of events. He lauded President Bola Tinubu for his audacity and selflessness in breaking a long-standing jinx. Adesemoye was quick to point out the symbolism of Adepoju’s appointment on President Tinubu’s first day in office, indicating that this could signify greater things to come for the nation.

“It is record-breaking and symbolic that the appointment happened on your first day in office,” Adesemoye remarked. “This is a pointer to greater things to come; we thank the President for his courage and selflessness.”

Adepoju’s ascent to the role of Acting CG marks a significant departure from the norm, as she is not only the first Yoruba person but also the first Yoruba woman to hold this prestigious position. Her appointment, coming at a time when Nigeria is in dire need of healing and national restoration, is seen as a harbinger of positive change. The Yoruba Heritage Group firmly believes that Adepoju’s leadership will bring about a fresh perspective and vigor to the NIS.

They appealed to President Tinubu to confirm Adepoju’s appointment as the substantive Immigration CG. They emphasize that she possesses the competence and capacity required to spearhead reforms that will revolutionize the service. Adesemoye, in particular, highlighted Adepoju’s commitment to serving diligently, aligning her vision with that of the President, which is to ensure efficient border security, enhance the passport regime, and improve migration management.

In the eyes of stakeholders and well-wishers, Adepoju’s appointment is not merely a change in leadership but a representation of the diversity and inclusivity that Nigeria should strive for. It is a symbol of progress, a step towards a more united and equitable nation.However, the elation surrounding Adepoju’s appointment is accompanied by a sense of urgency. The present Acting CG, whose tenure rounded off on May 31, 2023, has a finite window to leave a lasting impact on the NIS. It is in this context that other groups have come forward to celebrate this historic development while urging the current administration not to tolerate impunity.

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